Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think it’s very familiar word for all the guys ryt….
And coming 2 me I think I’m the best bunker of ma class hehe….

I generally bunk coz I hate going 2 such a class.. in which they don’t teach and jus torture for submissions…
 actually I think the general teaching procedure must b lyk introducing a question and explain it perfectly so that all the guys get it.. and den explain all the stuff how 2 plan in that area…so that v vl get some knowledge on dat particular area….. and den ask us to get some sketches and all stuff , and den start torturing for the submissions….

The teaching procedure the teachers ova here follow is…lyk de vl introduce u a question and jus explain it so that all the students get confused, and asks submissions of the sketches of our plans in the next cls…(no explanation of the work that v must do ) …

So now wot happens is by the next cls.. half of the people vl not b noein wat 2 do. so jus cmin 2 that tym of class v start calling all the guys asking what 2 do no one vl b knowin…yea… der vl b some studious guys who vl b doin wrk.. but wat happens guys lyk me gets frustratd and think
{(the guys vl go 2 cls… der the scenario vl b lyk no any wrk vl b getting appreciations.. but instead they vl get scolding fr the wrk de had done.. how gud it may b… it doesn’t matter 2 dat hero(tucha). Even if u copy some plan given by any versatile architects and show him now he’ll start saying lyk wat all crap have u done.. Donno which wrk hell b satisfied for, and if v accidentally give dis plan in final submission ryt.. he’ll jus give u a redo exercise... )}
Now v vl cm 2 a conclusion dat is it necessary goin 2 cls.. 2 get all dis crap.. and disappoint… no finally v bunk the cls…..

I think m not yet finished dis is one category of shithead

Der r some other guys lyk who come 2 cls and sit for half of the tym.. and den they start saying the name of the chapter.. and now starts the real torture he asks some questions and says 2 find answers and teach him… I always vl b in a dilemma lyk whos the teacher… r v the teacher 2 him??? Or he is our teacher??? Dat isn’t finished at now hell give u assaignment 2 do.. I think not more dan 3 tyms hell say the name of the chapter hee finally announces the chapter is up and continues the same in the nxt chapter… and coming 2 the exam question paper he gives all the crap a different type of paper.. entirely different even v vl not b able 2 copy frm others….

Y do dese type of shit heads come 2 teach its better fo dem 2 do some job as critics.. donno they really ruin all the intrest v have….

This is not only the reason I bunk for.. generally I hate goin 2 cls and sitting in a cls for four hours…


Manik said...

Chick post! :D

Am giving you hard time maintaining your best bunker state. In sem-IV am the best bunk guy. :)

I too agree they do not have any idea how to teach design, more the number of sheets better they think is the design - a sucker's ideology.

And I guess you are way too affected by different approaches of Siddharth Sir! :D

Liked the post.

kittu said...

who the hell said u dat u r the best bunk guy,, in IV sem..
its me always.. in boys(coz i can neva beat priyanka..) :P

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