Friday, March 26, 2010

Y the hell do U hide UR face from ME

  its been so long writing in my blog....yea.. daily i think of writing.. but now a days a bit busy with ma  submissions... which suck really.. it costed me 3 sleep less days.. hmm.. well its not really 3 sleepless days its lyk i used 2 sleep 2hrs a day r something.. but the final result is like i can not submit my work on tym so he rejected my work.. :(
                                                  well coming to the topic i m thinking 2 write 2day is all about ma friends who starts hiding their faces from me weneva they roam wid their girlfriends or watever they may b it doesn't matter here...... now  i wanna describe acts by ma frns in 2 parts.. here is the first part.. one day long ago..i m goin out wid ma frns fo dinner.. to RH and jus passin through dean gate i ran into a couple who belong to my class. and i jus noticed the gal only i cant notice the boy coz he is taking his helmet off ... but as soon as he seen me.. he jus kept it back on his head covering his face.... the couple named ABHAS and KRITI  donno y he hid his face i guess dat he doesent wanna show his bad taste in choosing a gal.. hehe.. jus kiddin... kk now da same n8 he came online and he started chatin .,. and asked wats goin on b/w dem he said dat he lyks her and all.. kk its his lyf to choose any one.. and i neva comented him again... i ve seen him after dat many tyms roamin wid dat gal only but i neva said any thing.. as i lyk to see my own business..
                               but the same thing happened again to me lyk but i m more hurt in dis case.. as the guy in dis part is more closer dan abhas.. his name is BIPLAB well now ill explain everything abt dois guys story... guys if any mistakes can advise me.. to change.. except the names.. as i ve freedom to write wat eva i think in dis blog... no thretnings plz....
   yea.. BIPLAB is really a very patriotic guy fr his state.. ASSAM.. jus neva dare to say anything abt his state... infront of him,.,.. kk now he is agud frn of our gang frm 1st yr.. yea he used to say everything frm 1st yr.. slowly we passed our 1st yr and now in 2nd yr.. every one want to get a gal jnr frm deir state but dis guy is so happyu and lucky to get 1 he started talking to her.. slowly msgs, and den late n8 calls... and dates and many.,.. yea one day our gang of frns are der at sony bakery and dis couple roamin der jus came across dis gang as soon as he seen dis couple he started hiding hi face frm ma frns and started taking oda roots to their palce instead of goin in dat way wer ma frns are sitting...kk den evry thing ova the next day v asked him abt dat gal.. he said dat de were jus frns and all.. jus to cover the original matter b/w dem.. ;)  well again after a score of days i guessi was damn bored sitting in my rum on facebuk fo whole day .. i went to GT wid ma jnrs..jus to roam and eye relaxation.. :P
               Enjoyed der fo 1 hr and den we r on our way back to hostel and deangate hmm den i ve seen 3mems comin 2wards us.. 1 boy and 2 gals.. and i noticed dem dat one is my frn BIPLAB and the oda gal is DEEPA yea.. even de did notice me.. i mean only biplab coz i think she even donno me..hahah... now he started hidin hi face using his hand and turned his head towards her and started chatting wid her.. his hand was in a position as if he is scratching his head.. and hidin at the same dat tym a small grin on ma face and a small smile as if he must to smile.. kk den as passing front he took his mobile out and den texting me " motherfucker " wow..!!! wat to say.. i was jus hurt.. :(
                           came to room opened ma facebook wrote every thing abt his actions of hiding his face and all.. slowly everyone came to noe abt dem.. well he even came to noe abt the post and he read all the coments next day he came to ma rum in ma early hours of ma sleep.. he woke me up and started barking at me abt the post dat she came to noe abt dat post.. " wat the hell does it bother me if she come to noe " he started thretning me to delete that post..  well i did.. at last and m writing it here... hehe... lol.. bt the thing is i can write here.. wid full freedom wid all the names included.. hehe..
                            Dear frns plzz do comment on dis post.. :)


Manik said...

OK. Nice ;) But though I believe in full freedom of expression, still I would like to keep my lips tight. But the fact is that both the acts were funny. And times are going haywire, now-a-days guys have to hide their faces! :D LOLZ

Following you now onwards, keep posting fun stuff. :)

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