Saturday, March 27, 2010


                                                               Being a guy from coastal area never found water scarcity . But now a days because of my studies came to a desert area where its hard to see water.. Its like u get water once in a while and before u get up to use them.... haha .. these chom guys will waste whole amount of water for washing their dresses.. donno the guys ova here are more cautious of their clothes rather than their body.. they may even stop bathing but they will wash their clothes for sure.. daily... which makes us live with out taking bath in summer also where it feels like living on some stove
                          Before coming here even i used to waste water like anything , i used to take bath with a minimum of 3 -4 buckets of water.. but after coming here every thing is changed.. i am very glad that even we get water for drinking, leave bathing and all.. that's the only best part.. lol...i think of some sayings, while thinking of this situation "one must pay for what all he done " i used to waste loads of water till 12th and now i am paying for it..
                      Now a days just seeing at these guys of rajasthan who waste water like anything, cant tolerate my anger but what can i do they will never change jus waiting for the time to get out of this place.. :( 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Y the hell do U hide UR face from ME

  its been so long writing in my blog....yea.. daily i think of writing.. but now a days a bit busy with ma  submissions... which suck really.. it costed me 3 sleep less days.. hmm.. well its not really 3 sleepless days its lyk i used 2 sleep 2hrs a day r something.. but the final result is like i can not submit my work on tym so he rejected my work.. :(
                                                  well coming to the topic i m thinking 2 write 2day is all about ma friends who starts hiding their faces from me weneva they roam wid their girlfriends or watever they may b it doesn't matter here...... now  i wanna describe acts by ma frns in 2 parts.. here is the first part.. one day long ago..i m goin out wid ma frns fo dinner.. to RH and jus passin through dean gate i ran into a couple who belong to my class. and i jus noticed the gal only i cant notice the boy coz he is taking his helmet off ... but as soon as he seen me.. he jus kept it back on his head covering his face.... the couple named ABHAS and KRITI  donno y he hid his face i guess dat he doesent wanna show his bad taste in choosing a gal.. hehe.. jus kiddin... kk now da same n8 he came online and he started chatin .,. and asked wats goin on b/w dem he said dat he lyks her and all.. kk its his lyf to choose any one.. and i neva comented him again... i ve seen him after dat many tyms roamin wid dat gal only but i neva said any thing.. as i lyk to see my own business..
                               but the same thing happened again to me lyk but i m more hurt in dis case.. as the guy in dis part is more closer dan abhas.. his name is BIPLAB well now ill explain everything abt dois guys story... guys if any mistakes can advise me.. to change.. except the names.. as i ve freedom to write wat eva i think in dis blog... no thretnings plz....